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What choose Adept4?

A great question deserves 5 great answers!

Talented Bunch-1

1. We’re a talented bunch

The official definition of the word “adept” is “very skilled or proficient at something” and that is what we firmly believe we are at Adept4.

By continually striving to be the best, your business will always know that you’ll access the latest and most innovative technologies, support from our highly skilled technical teams and confidence that we’ll help digitally transform your business.


2. We’re part of an elite group

A few years ago, we decided that, to be the best, we needed to work with the best. The result? We partner with Microsoft.

By being one of Microsoft’s select Cloud Solution Providers (CSP), we’re able to work directly with Microsoft to gain access to the very best cloud solutions and support.
Always Here-1

3. We’re always here

Your business never stops, so why should your service & support clock off?

Unlike many of our competitors, we genuinely offer a 24/7 UK based service desk. No matter if its day or night, the weekend or even Christmas Day, we’re here for you and your business. Our Service Operations team are just a phone call away and will ensure that, if something goes awry, they’ll get everything up and running again, quickly.

You want it-1-1

4. You want it? We’ll do it!

We know that every business is different, works differently and uses technology differently. So why should an IT provider restrict you in the services you take, offering you a service fits all solution?

We’ll work with you to find the service and solution package that works for you. By offering IT-as-a-Service we can provide the right level of technology that is needed for your business.

Talented Bunch 2-1

5. Again, we’re a talented bunch!

A business is as only as good, as the people who work there. And we have a great bunch!

Over 70% of our team are technical but 100% of our team have great technical knowledge. From the consultants to the delivery team to the support team, we firmly believe that, regardless of role, everyone in the business has a good understanding of the technology we provide.

But don't take our word for it. Here's what our customers say.

“Adept4 has worked successfully with our team to build a resilient infrastructure which meets the stringent demands our customers expect”.
Adam Sullivan
CEO, Baywater Healthcare
What made Adept4 stand out above the other solutions we reviewed was their ability to develop a modern implementation using our existing network. This meant we could leverage our legacy technology investment and deploy the most cost-effective and seamless solution.
Rob Owen
Supply Chain Manager, SAFT Batteries
It’s a real value add that has continued to prove to us that selecting an MSP was the right way to go when embarking on such an ambitious – and ongoing – business transformation.”
Mark Ritchie
Financial Director, ICR Integrity