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Local service and support

Your IT support team is just around the corner

The challenge

It’s difficult for companies to justify having full time employees who are specialists in all aspects of IT. At any given time, your requirements can change - and recruiting let alone retaining such resources is time-consuming and expensive.

However, you want to know that you can call on expert help.

Always there

We give you access to specialist resources, experienced staff and proven expertise as and when you need it.

And we’re just round the corner. You can call us directly, and we can talk you through a solution. If that’s not appropriate, we can access your systems remotely (with permission!) and resolve an issue that way.
And if we need to be on site with you, we can be there.

“In the event of a system problem we have one phone call to make (direct - not through a call centre!) or email to send for any issue we have - whether with our IT, our mobiles or our phone system”

  • Tom Butler
  • Schofield Insurance Brokers

The right support at the right time

However large or small your network, and however many users your system has, whether you are looking for a fully-hosted solution, or simply want the peace of mind that you can call on specialists when you need to, we can work with you to provide the best solution for your business.