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Strategic Consulting

Manage, transition, transform your IT infrastructure in line with your business goals


It’s difficult to justify employing – let alone retaining - high quality consultants on a full time basis who possess the skills and experience to deliver business value.

Without these skills, though, companies are often reluctant to invest in new technologies because of poor previous experience. They see a plethora of unfinished projects or programmes where solutions have been partly delivered, and often the business has failed to engage or adopt the solutions, preferring instead to maintain the status quo and reject change. Ultimately, IT departments start to be seen as “financial black holes, delivering nil value”

The Solution

Bringing in the right skills at the right time for a particular project means that you can tap in to experienced resources and leverage their knowledge in a very specific, cost-effective way.

What we offer

Our Consultants can perform a number of key roles as part of your project. These include: IT Directors, Chief Technology Officers, Architects, Programme & Project Directors, Business Change Directors, Heads of Development, Service Delivery Director and Transition & Integration Directors.

Our experienced team has access to vendors, and these direct relationships with technology authors can be used to your advantage as they are in a position to demonstrate success & deliverables which result in true business value.

They can demonstrate a clear understanding of your technology infrastructure and services to deliver change as well as business plans to support business requirements. This involves delivering budgetary savings, allowing for business scalability, sharing knowledge and experience of a variety of technologies and applications to deliver value.

Our Strategic Consultants have successfully delivered a multitude of demanding projects and programmes. Our ability to offer these services on a full time, interim or part time basis ensures we deliver value for money services with measurable outcomes.

We support strategic plans with proven Discovery Governance and diligence tools to ensure positive outcomes. As a result, Information Technology is proven to deliver realistic, measurable, tangible business benefits.

Extra Help

We have case studies, documents and resources to help you find out more.

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