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Software Development

Do you have a requirement for customisations to your existing application, further reporting, system integration, database migration or bespoke software?


You can find yourself faced with apps and legacy systems that are no longer working hard for your business, that are unsupported, difficult to extract data from or don’t interface with other parts of your infrastructure. Sometimes existing software needs to run specific reports, but you need a new interface and dashboards. Maybe your apps are old, written inhouse and the people who developed them have left the company and no one knows how to make adjustments. Does this sound familiar? Adept4’s software development division can help.



The key is to identify what’s working, what isn’t, then what needs to be replaced and what can be retained with a few adjustments. Sometimes that means bespoke development of applications, migration and integration between systems as well as enhancement through creation of new dashboards and reporting.

Our approach

IT is only valuable when it's answering a genuine business need so the basis of all our work is to get to know you and your business, your strengths and your challenges.  We then let the purpose of the particular desktop, web or mobile application drive its design and user experience.  We develop the right solution for you by keeping on top of the fast-moving development technologies and our commitment to contemporary Agile practices helps us to meet your development goals in a time sensitive manner. Our Quality Assurance and testing services incorporate security, performance, scalability, availability, quality and testing.

Services we offer

We write bespoke code, update or customise existing applications, provide data migration options and the enhancement of systems through the use of automation and aggregation tools. We can improve the use of management systems through API integration, ERP and the creation of new dashboards and reporting tools. Our services include:

Adept4 Apps-1

Application & System Development

There are software packages out there that can do just about anything right off the shelf. The problem with them all is that they work a certain way and not necessarily the way your organisation works. We can provide bespoke software solutions designed to meet your specific needs.

We can help you grow your business by creating next generation end-to-end multi-channel development platforms for web, desktop and mobile.  Leverage our expertise in all stages of the development lifecycle from requirements though to deployment, hosting and maintenance.  The service encompasses the full lifecycle, from defining requirements, to assessing security and performance, to software architecture and testing, change management, integration and release management.

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Application Modernisation

For companies who want to modernise the front end of their application. A typical approach to these projects is creating web-based access to graphical screens, preserving the historical investment while modernising the user interface.

Customise and Extend

Predictive Analysis & Decision Systems

Make your data work for you by using Business Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and /or big data analytics to provide intelligent predictive analysis and decision support systems.  Integrate data from all areas of your business to provide the business data you need.


Digital Transformation

Transform your existing systems from legacy technologies or monolithic applications to new enabling technologies using Service Oriented Architecture/Micro services Cloud Native Industry Standards.


Contract services

For companies who have regular programming needs. A contract is put in place for a specified number of hours per week/month where an Adept4 developer works on a project list as specified by the client.

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Ad-hoc Programming

For unexpected needs. Quick hands-on assistance from a knowledgeable Pick developer to address immediate needs. A portion of our team is available to assist when these unexpected issues arise.

Benefits of Adept4 software development services

Preserve existing investments

Get the modern features of today’s off the shelf software packages without letting go of decades of customisation. 

Reduce errors and save costs

With the introduction of automation and de-duplication errors are reduced and man-hours saved. Furthermore, having software written to do exactly what you need to do, exactly the way you want to do it can save money in expensive software licences and help organisations be more efficient.

Modernise legacy applications

Connect your legacy systems to the world through Web and mobile apps. 

Improve productivity

Automate manual processes and go paperless.

Improve decision making

Gain new business insights from your data with easy-to-use dashboards and reporting tools.

Extra Help

We have case studies, documents and resources to help you find out more.

Baywater Healthcare Case Study
Baywater Healthcare Case Study

Baywater Healthcare Case Study

Discover how the leading healthcare provider offers a critical and resilient, "always on" service for its patients.

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IT isn't what it used to be

IT isn't what it used to be

The way we use IT has changed. So should how we pay for it. Here we explore how ITaaS (IT as a Service) could improve how you do business.