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Having a secure and reliable network is crucial to your business can help with growth and reduce risks.

Your network is the lifeblood of your business.

Providing connections between employees and to customers in the outside world, it’s easy to see why safeguarding its performance is central to your success.

With our extensive networking solutions, we can help you create a fast, secure and future-proof network. One with reduced risk of costly issues, such as unstable connections and running out of capacity at peak times. And one that offers the power you need to take on the competition.

Our networking services

Adept4 can deliver the following services:

• WiFi
• Ethernet / LAN via Gamma
• Business Broadband via Gamma
• Voice networks via Gamma
• MPLS wide area networks via Gamma



Give your business a fast, accessible wireless network for superior flexibility while working. WiFi networks can also be planned to suit any business need and budget.

• Mobile and tablet connectivity helps your staff stay online wherever they are in your office and gives them a flexible way of working to help boost productivity. Having secure, reliable WiFi also gives your customers the benefit of data-saving connectivity to the outside world whenever they visit your business sites.


Ethernet / LAN via Gamma

Take advantage of a fast, secure and reliable Ethernet connection to the internet for your Local Area Network (LAN)—perfectly suited to businesses increasingly reliant on cloud services.

• Your business will benefit from high capacity, flexible connectivity, dedicated bandwidth up to 1Gbps, and cost-efficient voice and data convergence. With our Ethernet services via Gamma you’ll also get a solution that’s fully scalable to give your business room to grow.


Business Broadband via Gamma

Rest assured you will get the best price, bandwidth, availability and service levels with our business broadband service.

• You’ll get speedy fibre optic broadband that offers great value for money, as well as the peace of mind that comes with having a solid and secure network—managed by our team of experts to keep things working 24/7. Using broadband through Gamma also means we can offer a business-only network which means no consumers overloading the bandwidth.


Voice networks via Gamma

Combine your voice and data services into one affordable, easy-to-manage solution for a more efficient business service.

• Converging your voice and data reduces your administration and management costs, by giving you a single point of contact for dealing with these business-critical elements. It also gives you access to bigger bandwidth and performance that will allow you to maximise your business potential.


MPLS wide area networks via Gamma

The perfect solution for multi-site businesses that require a high-performing network across all locations, while maintaining security, and cutting costs.

• Take advantage of our MPLS wide area network service and you’ll receive a secure and private network that extends across all of your office locations. This reduces the need for costly internal IT and networking management, plus with integrated IP telephony it can help cut the costs of internal calls between sites. You’ll also benefit from a single, cutting-edge firewall that gives all locations the same level of security at network access points.