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Data Centre Migration

A data centre is the heartbeat of a business which is why they need to be kept modern and up to date. By migrating to the cloud, you'll have an agile, faster and flexible infrastructure.

Date Centre Migration

Business moves fast, but technology moves faster.

Which is why it’s essential to keep your data centre modern, fast and flexible to avoid getting left behind by competitors.

With Microsoft Azure, you’ll be able to enjoy the freedom of a cloud-based platform, with the peace of mind that comes from security with one of the world’s leading technology companies. And, with our support, you’ll be up and running in no time—working faster, cheaper, and more productively than ever before.

How data centre migration can help you

Data centre migration is the process of moving your current data centre to a new facility or environment, because:

• You’re relocating.
• You’re using outdated software or technology and need to upgrade.
• The demands placed on your data centre mean you’re about to outgrow it.

With increasing opportunities for capturing customer information, data centre growth is being driven on a global scale. Yet it’s impossible for most businesses to continually invest in—and maintain—the physical technology to keep up.

Migration opens up a world of possibilities, especially when migrating to the cloud. And thanks to platforms like Microsoft Azure, moving your data centre to a fully-scalable cloud solution couldn’t be easier or more beneficial.

The benefits of migrating to the cloud

A data centre migration to the cloud not only means taking advantage of the latest software and technologies, but also having the freedom to operate at a scale that suits you.

It will:

• Save you money—by removing the costs of buying, maintaining and securing the hardware and software on-site.
• Give you the best technology available—using a cloud-based platform means taking advantage of the latest technology without having to upgrade yourself.
• Be fully scalable—allowing you to find a data centre solution that suits your current needs and budget, as well as being flexible enough to grow with your business.
• Be safe and secure—a cloud-based solution like Microsoft Azure provides the strongest, most up-to-date security possible.
• Increase your business intelligence—thanks to its easy-to-use predictive analytics.

Using Adept4 for your data centre migration

We have a big thing for digital transformation. In fact, we believe it’s the way forward for every business out there. And given that data centre migration to the cloud is the first (critical) step in digital transformation, it means we take it very seriously indeed.

As every business is different, we’ll make sure we identify and deploy the right strategy for you, making sure we improve your performance while cutting your costs. Our extensive experience working with Microsoft Azure means you can rest assured your migration will be as seamless as possible to minimise any interruption to your business. While, post-migration, you’ll benefit from our 24/7 response team and the best support possible, as you continue your digital transformation to boost the success of your business.

Steps to migration

There are four key steps in a data centre migration to prepare for. They are:


Auditing your existing data centre environment and deciding what to move

You need to know what you currently have in your data centre, and what applications are supported, before you can decide what to move. (This is just as important for a cloud migration as a physical one.)


Planning future functionality

Migration is also about optimisation. So, once you’ve established how you currently work, it’s important to think about what you’d like to do differently in future. How can you take advantage of working in the cloud to improve your performance? This will help you build a solution that’s right for your business.


Making your move

This can be a long and complex process, involving a lot of coordination of departments and service providers. Having a single point of contact is therefore essential to your success—which is where you should take advantage of your IT services provider. They will be experienced in dealing with data centre migrations and will help make the process as seamless as possible.



The work doesn’t stop after the migration. Testing in the weeks and months afterwards can help your business identify and fix any issues that might have occurred. It can also help you optimise your processes to further improve your business performance. Having the continuing support of an IT services provider is again invaluable.