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Operational Modernisation

Adept4 delivers transformation through upgrading or adopting new technology systems, platforms and software solutions which meet the needs of today’s organisations.

Making your business more competitive with Operational Modernisation

The world has changed. Customers have different expectations from 10 years ago. Businesses need to adapt if they are to survive. They need to modernise to meet the needs of today’s connected customers and to leverage digital technologies to their advantage. As such, IT can no longer remain behind the scenes. It belongs at the forefront of the business, providing digital touch-points for clients and customers.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to making a business competitive in the 21st century. It depends on the state of the business, the sector and the customer. However, most companies face critical IT modernisation issues, such as digitising the customer purchasing experience, managing or moving away from aging software and hardware solutions, or shifting to newer technologies such as cloud-based computing and serverless computing for delivering software.

Adept4 helps companies modernise their IT operations. We do this by striking the right balance between an optimal mix of applications and a careful consideration of the latest modernisation approaches.

Adept4 Operational Modernisation Benefits

Adept4’s Operational Modernisation Practice delivers transformation through upgrading or adopting new technology systems, platforms and software solutions which meet the needs of today’s organisations. Crucially, Operational Modernisation is a necessary step in an organisation’s journey to digital transformation. However it also drives other benefits to the business:

• More up-time
• Faster fixes
• Reduced headcount
• Less reliance on legacy systems
• Increased response times
• Improved end-user experience.

Operational Modernisation Portfolio

For simplicity we breakdown our Operational Modernisation approach into 4 solution areas which can all be delivered as a managed IT service.

Modern Network


Modernise networks so they can connect more things more securely, faster and efficiently. Enabling the new mobile centric world to expand and support new applications and communications tools.

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Modern DC

Data Centre Optimisation and Migration

Modernise data centre platforms through data centre optimisation or data centre migration. We modernise your data centre to be highly automated, self-service platforms that are seamlessly connected to the cloud. This drives the ability to deliver new application development and deployment, whilst also supporting more efficient operation of current applications, enable scale, lower operational costs and create speed of delivery. It is important to have an integrated cloud strategy aligned with your organisation’s specific business goals to effectively capitalise on your operational modernisation approach.

Date Centre Optimisation     Data Centre Migration



Modernise security capability and posture. Protect your organisation, applications, infrastructure, data, employees and customers from the growing number of threats, and give them the confidence to do more business through technology.

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Modern Workplace

Modern Workplace

Modernise workspaces and working processes. Change the way organisations and people work, where they work, and when they work, embedding collaboration and video into the culture of an organisation. Click here to learn more about Adept4 Modern Workplace solutions.

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Our Approach

When companies think about how to bring their legacy systems into the digital era, their initial assumption is they will have to “rip and replace.” Sometimes this method may make sense, but more often making IT systems digital-ready doesn’t involve a start-from-scratch approach.

Though there is no one-size-fits-all solution, the key is creating flexibility to add new digital layers which supplement business functionality and support growth.

We adopt a journey to the cloud approach. By adopting a pay-per-consumption basis for some IT, we find businesses benefit from flexibility, scalability, lower capital expenditure and cost predictability. For instance, we often shift workloads off core legacy systems to environments such as the cloud or data acceleration layers that support elasticity with reduced total cost of ownership.

Why Adept4 is the Right Partner for Operational Modernisation

Adept4 not only understands the need for modernisation, but also has deep technical expertise in the areas you need, backed up with business and industry understanding, and the tools and methodologies to be your partner on this journey.