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Microsoft SharePoint

Empower individuals, teams and organisations to share and collaborate on content from anywhere and on any device

Communicate and Collaborate

Many members of your staff will lead a digital life outside of work. They’ll have the ability to communicate and collaborate with ease and confidence. However, in many cases, this may not be possible in work.

A business which looks to seek a modern working environment, through a customer-like user experience, will start to deliver sustainable business success as they start to take their first steps onto a digital transformation.

We, at Adept4, understand the journey of a digital transformation and all the various aspects that involves, including the building of a modern workplace. We’re aware of the pitfalls that surround making sure that any new business implementations are avoided and how to drive business value through improved communication and collaboration.

SharePoint: Empowering teamwork with a mobile and intelligent intranet

Microsoft SharePoint is whatever you want it to be. It is a truly flexible platform, with the ability to built into the environment that suits the needs of your business.

SharePoint Collaborate

Share and Collaborate

Today’s SharePoint team site is your team’s content hub. It’s where everyone you work with both inside your organisation comes together in real time to get work done – creating and sharing content using the same, familiar Microsoft Office tools you use every day. And make sure your teams stay in the know by sharing business news and updates in engaging ways.

SharePoint Anywhere

Anywhere access

You need to stay productive wherever life takes you and access SharePoint from wherever you are, and across multiple devices. It’s like having your company’s intranet in your pocket giving you anywhere access to your team and organisational resources needed to get work done.

SharePoint Intelligence

Intelligence and insights

See at a glance, activity across all your sites and groups. Collaborate on the intranet in your team sites and stay up to date with ‘who’s who’ and ‘what’s new’, with views of your team’s activity on the team site home page and in document libraries. Connect to expertise and content with innovative People Cards that help you make the most of who you’re working with and what they’re working on. And spend less time searching for files—with intelligent recommendations, files will find you.

SharePoint Security

Enterprise-grade security and compliance

Today, more than ever, companies need a scalable solution that meets security and compliance requirements while ensuring unified policies are applied across every workload and every device. SharePoint offers best-in-class security, with more than a decade of experience building enterprise software and online services. End users get the productivity they’ve been asking for while the IT department gets the cloud security and compliance requirements they require.

How can Adept4 help you get started?

We’re aware that every business is unique. From the way they work to how they communicate. There is no one-size-fits all approach. So, understand how a business communicates and collaborates in vital in being able to provide the right solution.

Our in-house Software Development team will seek to understand how your business works, advise on how SharePoint can be utilised and work with you to build an intranet platform that ticks all the boxes to help you achieve your overall goals.

We’ll also provide training, as we understand that adoption of a new platform be prove challenging and, during and post-adoption, you’ll continue to receive access to our Software Development and 24x7 support teams.

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