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Adept4 Managed IT Services: Monitor, Support, Manage

IT is essential for doing business today – it’s also a business differentiator. Fully managed IT services should help you to run your business more effectively. You’ll get faster problem resolution, increase productivity and save money.

Empowering business growth with end-user and infrastructure managed IT services support

Adept4 manages your business’s infrastructure, your end-users’ devices and applications. We effectively close the skills gap by providing a 24/7 service that complements your in-house facility and ensures you to focus on strategic IT initiatives.  

Remote monitoring provides visibility of your infrastructure’s performance in real time, enabling speedy incident resolution and optimal operations.

By out-tasking specific IT services to us, we act as additional staff resource to your internal IT team and bring specific knowledge and expertise supported by sophisticated tools and best practices.


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Benefits of an Adept4 Managed IT Service

IT departments face multiple challenges when operating and maintaining network infrastructures and managing enterprise-wide applications. However, in-house IT often lacks the knowledge, skill set, and capacity required to keep systems running optimally. As a consequence, clients are increasingly turning to Adept4.  Key benefits of our managed IT service proposition include:
Increased uptime and productivity

Increased uptime and productivity

Experience increased productivity around core business activities whilst freeing up IT resource.

Predictable fixed monthly costs

Predictable fixed monthly costs

Manage operational and labour costs more predictably whilst significantly reducing capital cost (capex).

Single point of contact

Single point of contact

Whatever service, you benefit from a single point of contact to responsively manage your contract.

A flexible approach to Managed IT Services

A flexible approach to Managed IT Services

We operate a pick and mix managed IT services model to ensure you receive a perfectly tailored solution. Out-task email and telephony to LANs and WANs. Or outsource your entire IT infrastructure. If you have a first line support team in-house, we can offer just second and/or third line and vendor support.

Access to specialised skillset and expertise

Access to specialised skillset and expertise

The majority of our customers use Adept4 to complement their existing team. Often we are retained to close the skills gap and provide skills transfer to employees. By out-tasking mundane or routine activities clients free up existing IT resources to be deployed strategically increasing revenue and competitive advantage.

Mitigate risk right across your infrastructure

Mitigate risk right across your infrastructure

Research shows around 70% of self-managed IT system downtime incidents are caused by human error. Entrusting your managed services to Adept4 mitigates that risk. Whether it’s a problem with the network, Office 365 or a faulty telephone line, issues are diagnosed and remediated quickly and within SLA.

Adept4 MS

Managed IT Services to suit your requirements

Adept4’s Managed IT Services portfolio includes multiple options and levels of service. This flexible service accommodates many clients’ existing in-house capabilities and fills the gaps where skills or staffing may be lacking. It can also be customised as necessary to meet client needs ranging from basic support services through to out-tasking and outsourcing options.

Our Managed Services support everything from individual applications through to your entire infrastructure environment, across a range of platforms.

Managed IT Infrastructure Services

Managing a complex environment and enhancing operational effectiveness with limited resources can prove challenging. Organisations face increasing server issues, performance bottlenecks and general infrastructure incidents due to configuration problems and a lack of system monitoring tools. According to survey results released in early 2017, the average cost of major IT incidents works out at over £6,300 per minute. A slow response from internal IT service desks means that the severity of incidents is often intensified by the time it takes a business to respond to the incident.  

Our services provide clients with assurance that their infrastructure is optimally configured and in a healthy state.

Using system monitoring tools to alert against performance, and track incidents, the 24×7 team proactively monitor elements of your infrastructure including desktops, network devices, server hardware and operating systems.   We rapidly respond to incidents regardless of location with quick resolution remotely or on premises (wherever possible within a single visit) to minimise disruption and lost productivity.

Our Managed IT Infrastructure Services are feature rich. Clients can select and build their own package to meet their exact requirements – you don’t pay for anything you don’t need.

Key Managed IT Infrastructure Service features

• Network device monitoring providing real-time health overview
•  Remote support
• Incident and problem management, capturing and resolving fault
• Capacity management and expansion
• Problem Management (proactively analysing activity and ensuring repeat issues are architected out)
• Change Management (to ensure all changes, upgrades and maintenance slots are communicated, scheduled and service restoration checks are performed to assure controlled shutdown and restoration)
• Availability management
• Performance management to ensure KPIs and service levels are achieved. Optimisation to improve reliability, performance and business agility
• Patch Management of software and applications to maintain performance, security and compliance
• Planning workshops and review meetings
• MACD Moves, adds, changes and deletes
• Third party vendor management and issue resolution


Benefits of Managed IT Infrastructure Services

• Reduced system downtime
• Quicker resolution to problems
• Extended life-cycle of devices with better performance
• Reduced risk of virus’ and malware infection

End User Support Service delivered via our Service Operations team

Boost productivity with 24x7 managed end user support services

Adept4 Managed End User Support provides you with a single point of contact for users to receive support and maintenance. This support and maintenance includes installing, diagnosing, repairing, maintaining and upgrading all hardware and equipment (including but not limited to, PCs, laptops, printers and mobile devices), to ensure optimal workstation performance.

Managed End User Support addresses the frustration that users feel when they try to access limited internal technical support. Additionally, it provides support to users who need to connect to content from multiple devices away from the office and out of business hours. According to a survey by IDG Research, (2017) implementing remote IT support services can bring relief while also improving end user satisfaction.

With our Managed End User Support, you out-task to Adept4 the part of your business you really don't need in-house. Our analysts have quick response times and excellent incident solving expertise and a training approach to common problem resolution. They are skilled in adapting to your working style and quick to pick up on the recurrent problems your users experience the most in the business. We also offer a third-party vendor support module where if a problem is identified at vendor level then we will liaise with the vendor and the end-users to ensure a positive outcome to the issue. 

We’ve found this service particularly resonates with companies which have invested in new technologies, such as mobile, the cloud and improved software and are now looking to ensure they get full value and the greatest ROI from their technology investments by providing staff with support for the new technology.


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Four key benefits of managed end user support services


Rapid problem resolution 

Our UK-based service operations analysts are available 24/7, which means your end users can speak to someone that can help them immediately and have their issue resolved much more efficiently, resulting in significantly less downtime and increased end-user productivity. However, should you just require support from 8am-6pm or a period within that then we can support your requirements.


Immediate access to expertise

Our service desk adheres to ITIL v3 standards. Initial calls are answered by a 1st Line analyst who will triage and try to resolve your issue. If this requires a greater level of investigation or knowledge, it is escalated to our 2nd Line team. If specific product or app expertise is needed, or Vendor escalation required, our 3rd line team is engaged. If you do not require all service levels, we can tailor our service offering.


Cost effective

Out-tasking your end user support is often more cost-effective than funding the set up internally, particularly if you consider training requirements. We can build a package that works for you. Whether you require a fixed, predictable monthly charge, or prefer to pay as you go then we will provide you with the most attractive model.


Latest training

Adept4 service operations analysts specialise in providing customer support for a wide range of technologies. This means that they are trained with the latest versions of software solutions and they can, of course, be trained to help with your organisation’s specific technology nuances.

Managed Business Resilience Services

Business resilience should incorporate a business continuity and disaster recovery plan, enabling all staff to prepare for and rehearse a response to pre-identified risk scenarios, and comprehensive data backup at a remote location, to ensure the rapid recovery of information and applications in the event of an emergency.

Adept4 offers three key managed business resilience services which can help you build your business resilience, all delivered with the agility, flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness of cloud delivery models.


Backup as a Service

Backup as a Service (BaaS) leverages Microsoft Azure to copy all your vital data and store it remotely from your premises. Should you lose access to your onsite data, whether due to malicious intervention, human error, technical failure or natural disaster, you can retrieve the latest copy at the click of a button from Microsoft’s managed data centres. Our BaaS solution can be set up in minutes and accessed nationally and globally.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) replicates your main business servers to a server estate according to your precise requirements and incorporates both data backup and recovery services to help you respond to emergencies efficiently and comprehensively. Should your users lose access to their key applications, you can switch over to your secondary system and continue running normal operations with barely a moment’s pause.

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Managed Security Services

Our managed security services deliver proactive 24/7 monitoring of your network, intrusion detection and incident response, giving you absolute peace of mind that your infrastructure is protected at all times. Our rich portfolio of security products and services, and our highly experienced team, means you have access to great breadth and depth of technical expertise without the outlay of a large in-house team.

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Why choose Adept4 for Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services delivered locally and nationally across the UK

A partnership with Adept4 gives you the flexibility and edge you need to compete whether you need us to wholly manage your IT environment or work alongside your existing in-house IT team.
We deliver end user and infrastructure managed IT services that supports business growth and agility. We’ll ensure we have a complete understanding of your people, processes and systems and coupled with our industry-leading customer service, you can trust us to give you the support and solutions you need, while saving you money. Choose Adept4 for:

High service levels – KPI and service level agreements

Service quality – customer centric approach focused on first contact resolution 

Flexibility – a modular managed IT service portfolio

Round the clock support – national coverage with 24 x 7 service desk

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