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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Pay only for what you use and avoid upfront investment in hardware, software and facilities

Our solution

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) from Adept4 works alongside your current business continuity process by ensuring no major issues occur to your business operations during planned or unplanned outages. Our service will replicate your main business servers to a server estate according to your requirements.

Flexible model to suit your needs

Our service fits the SMB model, allowing services to be run on shared infrastructure: these savings are passed on to you. Advancements in virtualisation and automation enable us to offer more flexibility so you can sign up for services as you need them, even if that’s only the business critical ones.

Key benefits

Pay only for what you use
Avoid upfront investment in hardware, software licences and facilities
Redeploy skilled staff to value-add tasks
Easy to deploy testing

How we help

Our service works in conjunction with existing offsite disc backup and protects the servers so you are able to:
Spin up a full replica estate within 1 hour
Rehearse your business continuity real time without affecting existing business as usual
Have the option to migrate everything to the cloud as part of implementation
Benefit from real protection 24 x 7 against IT outages.

Quick Recovery

With Microsoft Azure, you can create a business continuity and disaster recovery process (if a disaster was to strike!), knowing that you can activate the ASR (Azure Site Recovery) at the drop of a hat and from anywhere you are in the world. As a fully automated recovery service, Azure will recover all services across a wide range of devices and platforms.

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