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Telephony as a Service

All your telephony needs on a pay as you go basis

Why Telephony as a Service?

For many companies, the cost of setting up, managing and maintaining a traditional telecoms infrastructure can be high. That’s why we offer Telephony as a Service, delivered via the Cloud, delivering collaboration, scalability and supporting access via multiple locations and devices.

Our solution

We can host your telecoms applications, switching and storage to deliver your voice and data communications and services. We own and maintain the servers so you don’t have to, and you only pay for services or applications you use so you can enjoy a more cost-effective, reliable and secure communications environment, without the headaches associated with more conventional system deployment.

A hosted phone solution works in the same way as a traditional telephone (PSTN) would, except it uses voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology. Because of this you can choose to either have a hardware SIP phone, which resembles a common telephone, or you can convert your existing computer to send and receive calls using a software based system.

Converting your computer into a telephone is an easy process and all that is required is a built-in soundcard, a broadband connection, a connection to our SIP Server and a headset with a microphone to make calls. Alternatively, you can use your existing mobile handset for flexible mobile integration.


You don’t have to employ a dedicated Telecoms expert with us on hand: you can take advantage of our decades of experience in the world of Telephony and get access to a wealth of latest technological advances which could improve efficiency and drive down costs within your business.

Extra Help

We have case studies, documents and resources to help you find out more.

Schofield Insurance
Schofield Insurance

Schofield Insurance

Adept4 provides Schofield Insurance Brokers with unlimited capacity, cost free calls and no restriction on location for its execs.

Cutting Room Creative
Cutting Room Creative

Cutting Room Creative

Adept4 is transforming the way this salon operates and is setting it up for future innovation.