It seems as though every day a new security breach hits the headlines. Of course, it’s not just the big enterprises that suffer, and it’s not always because of malicious activity. It’s not always in the Cloud. There are multiple ways a business can be compromised, and the effects are myriad too, from denial of service to data compromise to ransomware. All of these have an enormous impact on company reputation, performance and, ultimately, the bottom line.


Having a firewall and anti-virus doesn’t cut it any more. Attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated and we have to accept that every business is a potential target. The key is to balance how much risk you’re willing to accept and build a multi-layered strategy in order to put protection in place.

What we offer

The Adept4 security portfolio is based upon key solutions that deliver against the growing cyber threat landscape. Whilst point solutions are required, we believe that these solutions should work together and deliver a greater level of protection through the alerting of security events.