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Microsoft 365

Protect data, secure devices and safeguard identities so your employees can be more productive

How we help

We deliver and support device management through Microsoft 365 to help your workforce make the most of all the collaboration tools at their disposal – wherever they are, and from whichever device they are using.


The integrated, cloud-based architecture of Microsoft 365 gives you the flexibility to meet new business challenges and can accommodate new devices, new apps and new employees quickly. It allows you to centrally manage Single Sign On (SSO) across devices, your datacentre and the cloud, benefit from identity-driven security for comprehensive, intelligent protection against cyber threats, manage mobile devices and applications from a single point, enable secure collaboration and virtualise your desktops.

Identity, mobile management and security working together for your business

Keep your employees securely connected to business-critical apps wherever they are, including cloud services leaders such as Salesforce.

Manage iOS, Android and Windows from one place

Microsoft 365 simplifies mobility management across devices so you empower employees to use the technology they already know.

Great integration with Office 365

Control how data gets used inside Office mobile apps so that users can work with company information securely.

Extra Help

We have case studies, documents and resources to help you find out more.

Schofield Insurance
Schofield Insurance

Schofield Insurance

Read how we helped bring the way Schofield communicates with its customers in line with new ways of working, saving money and improving efficiency.

Security on the Move
Security on the Move

Security on the Move

Protecting identity, devices and data for a mobile workforce.