Devices are everywhere. They’re all interconnected and we use them in both our personal and professional lives. Because of this, we have to ensure they are secure, protected and encrypted. On top of this, both the data that is allowed to be held on them and the applications have to be managed. Compliance requirements have to be adhered to, whether you are in the office or on the road.


Applications, data and configuration settings need to be able to be patched and maintained across all affected devices without interrupting Business as Usual or affecting functionality and security. The devices themselves need to be able to support the specific requirements of an individual’s job role. And they need to be secure.

What we offer

For us, device management is not only about being able to track, wipe and manage devices, but also about ensuring devices are controlled and used wisely - and only by the people authorised to do so. We protect the end users and your business by making sure they are encrypted, backed up and tracked and that the data on them is permitted to be there.