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Helping to secure the information held on mobile devices and the identities of users

Anytime, anywhere access

We’re not all tied to our desks at the office any more. We’re used to being able to access online tools, apps and content at any time, from any device. Staff increasingly use their own phones and tablets to keep on top of work-related activity. It means that productivity is increased and business is boosted.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is an increasingly important consideration for businesses, helping to make sure company policies are upheld while providing the flexibility and efficiencies represented by individuals’ use of devices. By controlling and protecting the data and configuration settings of all mobile devices in a network, our MDM solution can reduce support costs and business risks.

Related to this, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has implications for security: information is more often than not being transmitted outside the corporate network and can be exposed to more vulnerabilities.

Our solution

We ensure that only non-classified data is permitted to reach the device: the use of rights management and automatic classification of data restricts access to certain data on particular devices and it is essential to uphold corporate policies around data segregation, security and compliance.

We can provide a panel of business applications - which we know are securely encrypted and controlled by the business - on users’ personal devices without interfering with any personal data. This allows people to use just one preferred device. 

With identity-driven protection, you can guard your data from attacks and compromise. The device user is authorised before data can be accessed. You can also centrally manage single sign-on across devices, your datacentre and the Cloud.

Extra Help

We have case studies, documents and resources to help you find out more.

Schofield Insurance
Schofield Insurance

Schofield Insurance

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Security on the Move
Security on the Move

Security on the Move

Protecting identity, devices and data for a mobile workforce.