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Now We're Talking: How Microsoft 365 is delivering the Modern Workplace vision

A modern workplace is built upon improving communication and increasing collaboration whilst providing the right tools for the job. But how can businesses achieve this using Microsoft 365?

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Now We're Talking: Discovering the business value of IT managed services

What are IT managed service for? Is it just to "keep the lights on" or is it more? In a time where businesses are starting to embark on digital transformations its becoming increasingly important that not only do the managed services a business take a to improve performance, but they drive value too. But how can this be achieved?

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7 Step Guide to help become GDPR Compliant

With the deadline for all businesses to become GDPR compliant, where do you start? Our 7 step guide will help you get started.

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The 10 Misconceptions of GDPR

There is a lot of talk around GDPR at the moment, with many different claims. But what is fact and not fiction?

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IT isn't what it used to be

Businesses don’t operate like they used to. We don’t work how we used to. The way we use IT has changed. So should how we pay for it.

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