An essential barrier

At a fundamental level, it is essential to monitor and control what comes into and what leaves your network. Typically the barrier between your own trusted network and any you need to link to – such as the internet – is put in place to filter information in order to protect your business.

How we help

Leverage the capability of next generation firewalls to provide perimeter protection and visibility of network threats and activity so you can take action to prevent attacks affecting business. We can help you by provisioning and deploying devices as well as conducting proactive monitoring.

Additional support

You can also benefit from remote support from Adept4’s firewall administrators: in conjunction with the Adept4 Security Operations Centre (SOC), the firewall service takes away the time consuming day-to-day availability monitoring, management and maintenance associated with running firewalls. With the managed firewall service, Adep4 firewall administrators will manage and maintain your firewalls, so you don’t have to.

As part of the service, our UK based 24/7 SOC provide remote health and availability monitoring of our customers’ managed firewalls, ensuring they are available and operating normally. Our proactive monitoring service is designed to alert you when availability or capacity issues occur. We use SIEM based technology to identify suspicious or anomalous events referred to as use cases. Firewall use cases consider aggregated event logs to analyse the millions of logs to spot trends or activity that could lead to a breach. When we identify a use case, we will raise a ticket with recommended remediation action.

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