Workplace anywhere

With a mobile workforce becoming much more common, the ability to work from anywhere on any device and still securely access business data is crucial.

Staff need to communicate and stay in touch. They need to discuss projects, issues, keep connected to their team and be available to customers. Teamwork is essential but is no longer restricted by office locations: mobile workers have a need to work on the same projects or tasks that office based staff do.

Then there’s cost: being able to control the cost of software and licenses and keeping up to date with the latest versions is an historic issue, and security is a constant concern.

Benefits of O365

  • Productivity – Use the always up to date, always accessible Microsoft Office suite and work with your data from anywhere.
  • Collaboration – With O365 your staff can work together on projects or just on day-to-day tasks, sharing and editing documents, emails and calendars quickly and easily, meeting via video, sharing screens. Store files online.
  • Communication – Have meetings and conversations with IM, voice, video or all three! Screen share and arrange follow-up meetings, all within your 365 applications.
  • Cost – Office 365 is a “Pay for what you use” service, so as your workforce changes your 365 subscription changes with it meaning you only pay for what you require.
  • Security – Office 365 meets the highest industry regulations including HIPAA, ISO 27001, EU Model Clauses and FISMA.