A layered approach

The Adept4 security portfolio is based upon key solutions that deliver against the growing cyber threat landscape. Whilst point solutions are required, our view is that these solutions should work together and deliver a greater level of protection through the alerting of security events.

Using a layered approach to security has long since been considered the most efficient and safe way to protect the network from cyber-attacks. For us, the additional layers should add value, not just to the level of protection, but to the information which becomes available from the deployment of the further layer.

Additional assurance

The security solutions from Adept4 are supported by our 24x7x365 Service Desk that monitors customer event logs against best practice security use cases in order to identify anomalous and suspicious traffic. These use cases are critical in the further protection of the network as we consider logs from multiple devices and use an aggregation and correlation engine to spot potential threats.