Secure collaboration

We’re not all tied to our desks at the office any more. We’re used to being able to access online tools, apps and content at any time, from any device. Staff increasingly use their own phones and tablets to keep on top of work-related activity. It means that productivity is increased and business is boosted.

It also means that information is more often than not being transmitted outside the corporate network and is exposed to more vulnerabilities. Here, we look at how Adept4 solutions help protect your devices, your data and your users’ identities.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Our solutions support BYOD by offering a pane of business applications which can be accessed on personal devices so staff don’t have to carry multiple devices. We can also classify data so we restrict its ability to be downloaded or viewed outside the organisation’s secure environment as well as trace data so we know if and when information is shared outside the group. We also ensure any document type can be restricted, setting expiry time limits at which point documents can be removed to avoid leakage.

We can also offer fixed price mobile consumption costs by forcing data roaming off outside of set plan locations or regions.

Patch Management:

Keeping your patches up to date helps to eliminate vulnerabilities and keeps your systems current. By automating the process, you can reduce the amount of time required to analyse, prepare, test and deploy critical software and hardware patches. In addition, it removes the danger of human error and improves endpoint security.

Full disk and endpoint encryption:

This element is an effective way to protect data held on a device such as a laptop or mobile phone. The whole of the hard drive is encrypted and has to be unlocked using the encryption key, so denying access to anyone but the authenticated user.

Email protection:

The Adept4 Managed E-Mail Security Gateway service is designed specifically to protect against data loss. Not only does it incorporate award-winning email antivirus, but it also provides market leading antispam features with a very low false positive rate. Its policy engine offers a flexible solution which can be tuned to meet the requirements of your organisation and it delivers an adaptable email encryption service for when you need to share sensitive data. And of course, the solution protects against email denial of service attacks, ensuring your critical emails are delivered in a timely manner.

Spam Management:

Spam can open up your company to threats contained in an email and because of the volume, it takes up needless space in users’ mail servers and across other parts of your infrastructure. This can lead to significant service disruption if it is left unmanaged. The challenge is often to avoid blocking harmful messages at the expense of legitimate ones.

Unified Threat Management (UTM):

The UTM provides customers with advanced threat prevention technologies, often delivered in a modular design.  UTM devices are designed to provide a broad range of security features from a single appliance. These can include:

  • Filtering proxy to block access to specific web resources
  • Sandboxing of inbound code for inspection of malicious activity
  • Threat intelligence to prevent access to flagged sites
  • Data loss protection so you can track whether confidential documents are being shared outside of company policy requirements

Penetration testing (Pen testing):

We can help you understand if your network, computer system or applications present any potential vulnerabilities which could allow a security breach to affect your IT environment.

Firmware updates:

Firmware is often embedded in devices and hardware and allows for control, monitoring and data. Updates can be required to, for example, fix bugs or add features which maintain the device’s security.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB):

In many cases, taking advantage of Cloud technology involves the necessity of confidential data leaving the confines of the business environment. We provide you with the protection of an industry leading CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) solution that is positioned between the LAN and the egress point and monitors for cloud application usage. By limiting cloud applications by risk of use, ownership, criteria and control of data can be protected from being leaked to outside cloud storage locations where control of the data is lost.

File Integrity Monitoring:

This element of our Security solution allows you to track changes -and validate against a known baseline- to critical system, configuration and content files, helping to protect sensitive data. It allows you to demonstrate security visibility and supports compliance requirements such as for PCI DSS.

Privileged access:

Different people in your organisation need access to different services. Sometimes certain business users and admins have to access critical systems. In order to avoid the wrong person accessing areas they’re not supposed to –and that includes external threats as well as internal ones – our Privileged Access solution lets the good guys in and keeps the bad guys out. It also allows for granular control and monitoring for audit purposes.

Productive Enterprise:

We offer a service from Microsoft, Secure Productive Enterprise, which creates a secure fabric for collaboration, encompassing Office 365, Enterprise Mobility and Security as well as Windows 10. It protects data, secures communications, enables anywhere, any device working and delivers business intelligence for better decision making.

Track and Wipe the event of loss.

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