Warning to SMEs: Disaster Recovery is not tape backup

Blog by: Mike Williams, CTO, Adept4 - 27-Mar-2017

Or even offsite disc backup!

We know downtime can be a disaster. No access to applications, services or even the internet for you, your employees, your suppliers and your customers. It takes time to recover (on average, 2.2 days according to Ponemon Research), it costs the business money, and it doesn’t do much for the company’s reputation.

Unfortunately, many SMEs are lulled into a false sense of security by relying on tape backup. Having a powerful and robust Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy in place has been largely the realm of the large Enterprise. After all, who but them could justify the time, resources and cost of duplicating an organisation’s infrastructure within a dedicated Disaster Recovery facility? All this without the standardisation of procedures so employees understand how to invoke backup processes and make up-to-date backup information available to workers.

Tape Backup is not enough

Nor is offsite disc backup.

Imagine how being without critical services for 5 to 10 days while you go through the recovery process from a tape backup would affect your business. Consider having to resort to personal gmail or Hotmail accounts to do business after a flood.

Think about how you’d respond if a potential customer wants to see your DR plan or examine your approach to resilience before engaging with you as part of their supply chain. Saying that you back everything up on tape isn’t going to set their minds at rest, especially if they are operating in a highly regulated sector.

The advent of the Cloud has opened up true DR opportunities to the SMB.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

DRaaS fits the SMB model, allowing services to be run on shared infrastructure. This means suppliers’ investment is less, and they pass the savings along to you, the customer. Advancements in virtualisation and automation enable suppliers to offer customers more flexibility so you can sign up for services for all of their applications or for only select, business critical services and use them as needed. It enables more flexibility: businesses use Cloud resources as needed, for all or just critical applications.

Key benefits
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Avoid upfront investment in hardware, software licenses and facilities
  • Redeploy skilled staff to value-add tasks
  • Easy to deploy testing

Choosing your supplier

The DRaaS service from adept4 works alongside your current business continuity process by ensuring no major issues occur to your business operations during planned or unplanned outages. Using Microsoft’s Azure Site Recovery, the service will replicate your main business servers to either the Azure cloud infrastructure or to a secondary server estate – whichever is appropriate to your requirements.

Adept4 will work with you to determine:

  • How much storage you need
  • Hard drive speed (connectivity and disk)
  • Software requirements
  • What level of redundancy is required
  • How much support is needed
  • In the event of failure, how quickly do you need to recover

Our service works in conjunction with existing offsite disc backup and protects the servers so you are able to:

  • Spin up a full replica estate within 1 hour
  • Rehearse your business continuity real time without affecting existing business as usual
  • Have the option to migrate everything to the cloud as part of implementation
    Benefit from real protection 24 x 7 against IT outages

Adept4 keeps DRaaS simple. We replicate all your data Servers, we check in every day 24*7*365, we help you rehearse it in parallel with running your business without disruption. All you have to do is logon and get on with Business as Usual.

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