Why thinking backwards helped Nyotron deliver world-class digital security

Blog by: Mark Wainwright, Enterprise Security Solutions, Adept4 - 17-Jul-2018

Cyber incidents continue to be the number one concern of UK businesses in 2018 and it’s easy to see why.

Increasingly sophisticated threats, costly incidents like the WannaCry attack (reported to hit $8billion in losses), and new threats like ‘cyber hurricanes’ (where attackers disrupt multiple companies through shared internet infrastructure) are set to become more common this year. Add in the heightened penalties that will be imposed in the wake of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implementation in May, and you can understand why companies throughout the UK are starting to take digital security more seriously. 

Unfortunately, as always, the biggest challenge to protecting your digital assets is the identification of both current and future threats, without actually knowing anything about them. Which is why we’ve been so impressed by the approach organisation Nyotron has taken, working in the opposite direction to everyone else to deliver world-class cyber security.

Taking an opposite security approach led to Paranoid

Nyotron’s ‘Paranoid’ is the industry’s first operating system-centric positive security, designed to protect your data from attacks others can’t even detect. And the way it’s come to fruition is ingenious.

While all other measures have been built around identifying the type of threat or the attack vector, and providing security gates that (given enough time and sophistication) can be bypassed, Nyotron has thought backwards from this ultimately flawed approach. The company moved focus from threat to target, and has taken the opposite path to deal with the root of the issue—stopping the intended damage or outcome behind any attack rather than trying to prevent the attackers getting access. 


By analysing operation system patterns, Nyotron was able to map legitimate behaviour and therefore identify all illegitimate ways that may lead to file damage or tampering. Consequently, it doesn’t need to know anything about existing threats or potential future threats, as its method of protection is based on the consistent factor of the attacker’s final ‘damage stage’, such as file deletion, data exfiltration, malicious encryption, etc. Put simply, instead of focusing on stopping the ever-changing threat types entering the system, Nyotron created a last line of defence by recognising and stopping the attack on the asset itself, protecting against zero-day exploits, malware and any unknown future threats.

It’s not a rip and replace service though

We have previously talked in more detail about why a multi-layered, defence-in-depth approach to security is a must in this era of high level security threats. And it is especially important to consider with new legislation on data protection such as the GDPR coming into play.

So, while we see Paranoid as an essential new way of protecting your digital assets, we go along with Nyotron’s assertion that your existing antivirus software still plays a critical role.

Using an approach like we’ve seen with Paranoid, in combination with the usual security solutions, means that you get full, world-class asset protection—preventing damage from attacks by sophisticated and unknown threats, while also maintaining security capabilities like pre-execution malware protection and remediation, thus ensuring enhanced digital security all round.

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