Feature Friday #8 - Debbie Davis

Blog by: Vicky Pemberton, Director of Employee and Customer Engagement, Adept4 - 08-Jun-2018

Every Friday we're going to be asking a few questions to a member of the Adept4 team. We hope that this will provide some insight into our world. Some answers may be interesting, some maybe surprising and some may even be embarrassing but everyone is different!

The week's Feature Friday is Debbie Davis, Software Development Manager


How long have you worked for Adept4?

6 years

What do you love about IT?

I love the way things constantly change and evolve within IT and how new technologies are constantly becoming available.

What are your day to day tasks?

My day is taken up mostly by engaging with our customers, understanding their development requirements, agreeing deadlines and generally ensuring they are kept up to date with ongoing projects so they remain confident that completion will be made in the time frame expected. I also spend my day ensuring the team and I are meeting all expectations set upon us.

What is the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

I'm part of a project team that has been tasked with developing a large Data Cube for a major customer. The main aim of the Cube, which we've built in-house, is to provide them the ability to generate precise reports for their own customers (many of which include large underwriters). The Cube works by gathering data, from multiple sources, and structures it a bespoke way that means their critical systems don't suffer performance issues. 

What is your guilty pleasure?

Champagne – but I tend to make do with Cava!

What are your hobbies?

Badminton, Pilates and Skiing

Favourite concert you've been to?

Big Country ……. Im too embarrassed to admit to most of the concerts I have been to 😊

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