Feature Friday #6 - Bryan Robertson

Blog by: Vicky Pemberton, Director of Employee and Customer Engagement, Adept4 - 18-May-2018

Every Friday we're going to be asking a few questions to a member of the Adept4 team. We hope that this will provide some insight into our world. Some answers may be interesting, some maybe surprising and some may even be embarrassing but everyone is different!

The week's Feature Friday is Bryan Robertson, Head of Technical Service. 


How long have you worked for Adept4?

Adept4 bought K10 Solutions in 2013, so 5 years with Adept4 with 5 years at K10 prior to that – 10 years in total!

What do you love about IT?

It’s always changing, always fluid and there’s always something that can be improved – Make it better!

What are your day to day tasks?

Day to day is a mix of meetings with staff within the team and other managers. The meetings can be quite different in topic, with Major Incident meetings, Change Board meetings. Product and Customer Tech Lead meetings will be starting soon

What is the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

Product Tech Leads and Customer Tech Leads – this will align some of our key staff to products / services and customers, allowing them to improve the services that we provide to our customers, giving them time to look at their customer or product, see what tickets come in per month and work out how to reduce the number of hours spent supporting them. They will also work out training required for the Service Desk, look at the upcoming new versions for products, spend time looking at hardware, old items to allow the Sales team to be fed new opportunities.

What is your guilty pleasure?


What are your hobbies?

Cooking & Photography – I love baking and various types of cooking and enjoy portrait photography.

Favourite concert you've been to?

Country 2 Country each year for the past 3 years – a load of country music artists come to the UK and rotate between Glasgow, London and Ireland over 3 days. A good excuse to get away from work with my wife Maria and eat a very large amount of food, drink several drinks and see some good music.

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