Feature Friday #4 - Callum Sanderson

Blog by: Vicky Pemberton, Director of Employee and Customer Engagement, Adept4 - 04-May-2018

Every Friday we're going to be asking a few questions to a member of the Adept4 team. We hope that this will provide some insight into our world. Some answers may be interesting, some maybe surprising and some may even be embarrassing but everyone is different!

The week's Feature Friday is Callum Sanderson, Service Transition Technical Consultant.


How long have you worked for Adept4?

2 year and 8 months.

What do you love about IT?

I love the fact that IT is constantly evolving with new systems being released every day and that IT is critical for almost everything we do now. It highlights how important IT systems/services are key to peoples lives.

What are your day to day tasks?

I ensure that our unified communications side of the business is hitting project deadlines on time as I am a technical resource for some of our key projects. When I’m not working on any projects I am constantly understanding how we can make improvements to our business by providing technical assistance to our Service Desk by ensuring any Operational or Customer Documentation is kept up to date and by working on our unified communications products which include Anywhere 365 and Skype for Business.

What is the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

The Service Desk are about to move to Anywhere 365. This is really exciting for us because it allow us to be able to provide a better service to our customers. Its also a great application for our teams to use as it gives them the ability to know who is available in the business and perform call transfers with total ease.

Favourite concert you've been to?

Avenged Sevenfold at Sheffield Arena last year

Favourite place?

Fort William is my favourite place because it’s a very peaceful town in the middle of the West Scottish Highlands. The scenery around there you won’t get anywhere else on the planet. The only problem is it’s too far from Leeds!

Who is your hero?

Elon Musk the owner of Tesla is my hero because he has revolutionised the electric car industry as well as hosting space projects such as the re-usable orbital rocket. The technology which he has seems to be a lot more ahead than any other technology manufacturer. He has basically done the impossible.

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