A lesson to learn: No business is too small to have better security.

Blog by: Dan Felix, Marketing Manager, Adept4 - 07-Mar-2019

You'll hear Adept4 often saying "from the smallest to the largest, every business needs to boost their cyber-defences and keep the bad guys out". It's a statement that we 100% believe in and recent events have proved that we're right!

About 2 years ago, a member of our Sales team paid a visit to one of his clients. Now, this member of the Adept4 team is considered our most knowledgeable when it comes to business security, having worked in the arena for several years. So when he visited the customer - a small, family run company based in the financial sector - he naturally played to his strengths and talked in great detail as to why all businesses need to review how they protect themselves, the Kill Chain methodology for cyber-security and our Managed Security Service. However, he was met by the response "we're too small for hackers and cyber attacks to pay attention to, so we won't need to boost our cyber security."

Fast forward to November 2018. As everyone is gearing up for Christmas, our Service Desk receives an urgent phone call from the same customer. "We think our emails have been hacked!" After checking, it had appeared that they were right to worry. An email account had been hacked!

Over a couple of months, a 3rd party had been reviewing the CEO's emails. Analysing how they were written, their style and phraseology, all in the preparation to attack. When the time was right, the hacker started to send emails in the style of the CEO to the Finance Director, asking for money to be paid to an account. But because the email was in the style of the CEO, the FD thought nothing of it and did as requested. The sums started off small, but as the hacker became more and more confident, the requests became bigger and bigger.

When it was discovered what had been happening, over £75,000 had been stolen from the business. Now, many MSPs (Managed Service Providers) out there maybe saying "we told you so!" but we don't work like that. We jumped on this straight away! We fully reviewed how the client was hacked, where the bad guy got in, where the holes are that need to be filled in and what can be done to prevent this from happening again with better monitoring. As a result, the customer has decided to embrace better security with a Fully Managed Security service, which includes the Fortinet Fabric approach.

The parable of the story? From the smallest to the largest, every business needs to boost their cyber defences and keep the bad guys out! Ransomware, malware, viruses and hackers, don't care if you turnover £100 or £1 billion. They're after one thing - your money! So the next time you skimp on your cyber security or think that the chances of you getting hacked are small, remember this story.

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Topics: Security, Managed Security Services, Fortinet

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