About Azure

Azure is a cloud computing platform of integrated services, including analytics, computing, databases, networking, applications and storage, all designed for a faster, achieving more & saving money world.

With Microsoft Azure you only ever pay for what you need, when you want it. A cloud platform pay-as-you-go service, if you like.

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Disaster Recovery
(If a disaster was to strike!)

With Microsoft Azure, you can create a business continuity and disaster recover process (if a disaster was to strike!), knowing that you can activate the ASR (Azure Site Recovery) at the drop of a hat and from anywhere you are in the world!

As a fully automated recovery service, Azure will recover all services across a wide range of devices & platforms.

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Backup All Your Data

Microsoft Azure allows you to backup all your important data, so if the worst happens and you lose your files & folders, you can simply restore them from the cloud.

Setup in minutes and access nationally & globally, your backed-up data will be secured in Microsoft managed data centres. Azure Backup can act as part of your business continuity plan.

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Working with existing IT infrastructure

Azure will never make you decide between your existing datacentre and the cloud service. Azure will easily integrate with your current IT environment using the biggest network of secure private connections, hybrid databases and storage solution and encryption features.

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Open & Flexible

Microsoft Azure supports a wide, and varied selection, of programming languages, operating systems, databases, tools, devices and frameworks. Azure allows you to run Linux & Docker containers; develop and build apps with JavaScript, Python, .NET, PHP, Java and Node.js; create back-ends for iOS, Android & Window devices.

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