Managed Secure Email Service

The ChallengeGovernment Procurement Service Supplier

Organisations and businesses have a need and a responsibility to ensure that the valuable and often sensitive information they are exchanging and sharing, both within their business and externally with partners, customers and their supply chains is protected.

The primary method of information exchange is currently email.  Using a standard email service leaves many businesses open to security threats and breaches such as IP theft, hacking, espionage, organised crime and human error.

In today’s environment an email service needs to:

• Control who is allowed to communicate what information and with whom
• Ensure emails can only be read by the intended recipients
• Protect the content of the email should it be intercepted
• Provide audit and traceability information
• Identify and verify the source of the information

The Solution

adept4 provide an easy to use end to end managed secure email service allowing you to communicate and share information within your business and externally in line with government directives for identity management. 

Key Features

• Secure, reliable, easy to use, end to end managed service
• Financial, reputational and operational damage limitation
• Microsoft Exchange/Outlook integration and license management
• Prevention of data loss security breaches and reduced risk of fraud
• PKI encryption securing emails in transit and at rest
• Digital signing using an approved PKI smart card
• Identity & label based policy enforcement
• Robust content checking of email and attachments
• Industry leading antimalware and anti-virus checking
• UK based, security cleared, ITIL 24*7*365 service and support desk

adept4 in partnership with identity and security experts Deep-Secure Ltd, Intercede and Trustis have designed this easy-to-use, fully managed Secure Email Service that you can trust.

Watch our video below to further explain the Secure Email Service:

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