Mobile Computing is now an every day critical business requirement which affects us all. The requirement to be in touch with the office, suppliers, family & friends is essential to how everyone operates today in the challenging global economy we endure. In the office, on the road, in another country or at home we always need to be contactable and that includes our mobile devices.

adept4s Mobile Computing service gives you:

  • Free Secure Access anywhere
  • Connect up your Mobile Devices - Blackberry, iPhone, iPad
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Helpdesk
  • Latest Outlook 2010
  • Integrate Social tools such as Facebook, MSN, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Bring all your email accounts into one single view; Mail and Mobility made easy – for a fixed low monthly fee.

The latest Outlook 2010 offers a number of benefits:

  • Business Contact Manager
  • Outlook Social Connector
  • Outlook Hotmail Connector

Key Benefits:

  • Save time viewing, creating, and managing your email
  • Get easier access to the right tools
  • Connect with people and stay up to date
  • Access your vital information anytime and anywhere

To discuss your Mail & Mobility needs with one of our experts please call 01925 398 255.