Laptop Back Up

Remote/mobile working is now common practice and has become an essential element of any business continuity plan. However, the increased usage of laptop computers also introduces business risk in terms of lost devices, corrupt files and failed backups.

What's On Offer?

  • Encrypted Backup
  • Disk Encryption
  • Anti-Virus
  • Mobile Encryption
  • Secure Access
  • Helpdesk

Laptop Backup overcomes the short-falls often associated with standard data backup processes.

Key Benefits

  • Continuous data protection – this allows the user  to roll back to a previous file version and doesn’t rely on the presence  of an internet connection or server link.
  • Certificate based data encryption – this adds an additional layer of protection, encrypting your files from the point of backup to the point of recovery.
  • Data de-duplication - this technology ensures that you only pay for what you actually need to store, helping you to control your costs.
  • Tiered Service Plans – giving you the option to define the file types that you would like to include in the backup.
  • Inclusive Disaster Recovery – this ensures that the  encrypted files are transferred to a data centre, enabling adept4 to  recover (at your request) files to a virtual desktop, USB stick, DVD,  etc.
  • Transparency to the user – it runs continually in the background and does not impact on the computers performance.
  • Reduced Risk – the certificate based encryption minimises the risk of data being compromised whilst in transit or store.
  • Cost Control – you only pay for what you store and only store what you need.


Availble from just 8.99 per month.

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