Compliance Services

Compliance solutions

Adept4 services include several security applications and functionality that can help you achieve compliance with internal mandates or external regulations. Key solutions and features include:

Full disk encryption

Protect computers and data at rest by encrypting the entire hard drive with AES256 encryption. Includes pre-boot security before Windows starts for enhanced security. Allows one-step logon into Windows without requiring multiple authentication at startup.

Secure remote access for the mobile workforce

Enhance user authentication when it is most needed. Every time mobile users access important business resources from home or while travelling, the risks of security breaches increase greatly. Two-factor authentication for VPN can help reduce the risks of malicious access to the network.

Fingerprint and strong authentication

Further enhance security by requiring users to verify their identity using fingerprints in place of passwords or with a combination of password, fingerprint and smartcards. Some configuration may even allow using smartphones for authentication.

Secure communications via email and documents

Digital signature and encryption of email and documents can help you improve security and accountability while at the same time simplifying processes and speeding up approval workflows. The tight integration with Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Adobe Acrobat, simplifies the user experience and lowers support costs.

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